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 We are  wedding photographers based in The Lake District, Cumbria and photograph, Elopements, Just the Two of Us, small and Large weddings.                  


 One of your first questions may well be – what is this going to cost me?  So, let’s get the money out of the way first.  Our prices start at £300 and go all the way to £1695 so a price for everybody.   We think about wedding photography as an investment.  Wedding photography may seem expensive at the time of purchase, but there is a long-term value to what we provide.

 Wedding photography is more than just taking a few photographs.  For us, it is about capturing memories that will last forever - blending in with the guests to allow the day to happen naturally but also being a helping hand when needed. We have a real passion for what we do and have experience of photographing most of Cumbria’s (and many outside Cumbria and abroad) wedding venues.


 Imagine having no photographs of your big day to show your grandchildren!  We are sure your venue will be special; your guests will have an absolute ball and chef will serve an amazing meal but memories fade.  How have fashions changed? do I have a family photograph to show my children what we all looked like when we were young? I know we are biased, but the photography will be the only thing from your wedding day you can hold in the future.



 Typically, our day is either, ceremony to wedding breakfast or from Bridal prep to first dance. You are free to choose what suits you. We like to meet and talk to all our couples before the wedding, so we are organised. We want to know what is important to you and make sure you get it. We work together on most weddings as a husband and wife team, often working as individuals to capture different things.


 Whether you are having a midweek small & intimate wedding or an all-day wedding with lots of family and friends we would love to hear from you.  


Karen & Jonesy

BusinessLocationWorkington, Cumbria.

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